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CK61 (phased out)


This product is still in production, but not recommended for new designs.
Please contact our customer service (info@lika.it) for more detailed information and possible alternative products.

Hollow shaft encoder with integrated shaft coupling
Expansion shaft for precise mounting
M23 connector or cable output

Technische Details
Ausgangsschaltung Line Driver; Universeller Ausgang
Gehäusedurchmesser Ø 58 mm
Wellendurchmesser 12 mm
Anschluss M23 Stecker, Kabel
Auflösung 5000 PPR
Schutz IP65
Umdrehungszahl 6000 rpm
Produktstatus Phased out
Data sheet (file - 326.31Kb) Download
Quick Reference (file - 840.81Kb) Download