BOGEN Electronic is now BOGEN Magnetics with new corporate identity

BOGEN Electronic is now BOGEN Magnetics with new corporate identity

The family-owned company, founded in 1951, thus sets another sign for a common future with Lika Electronic Srl. The idea of the new design not only marks the close cooperation that has existed between the two companies for 1 year. 
The new identity also stands for new products, further developments and the quality of a wide range of measuring sensors, magnetic tapes and rings and customized magnetic measurement system solutions.
BOGEN's new identity, with a distinctive and understandable logo and the proven signature "Magnetics that count", defines the company's mission and values.
It expresses the company's determination to be a driving force in countries around the world on the path to innovative solutions for magnetic measurement tasks.

"We are excited about the launch of our new brand identity, which represents in a modern way who we are and what makes us tick as a company," said Marco Calabrese, managing director of BOGEN Magnetics GmbH. 
Lika Electronic acquired what is now BOGEN Magnetics GmbH, based in Berlin, on October 1, 2020. 

The new corporate website is online! Find out at: www.bogen-magnetics.com

BOGEN Magnetics GmbH develops and produces both magnetic heads and high-precision magnetic measuring solutions, consisting of measuring sensors and scales.
For more than 60 years BOGEN has been supporting its customers with customized solutions and proven standard products.
Thanks to modern production facilities, BOGEN can economically produce even small series of magnetic linear or rotary scales with highest accuracy.

BOGEN is part of Lika Electronic Srl group and exports from Berlin all over the world.