Explore our Range of Rotary Optical Kit Encoders!

Lika Electronic designs and manufactures a full line-up of rotary optical kit encoders for direct integration into robotic systems (for instance, surgical and diagnostic robots), cobots, robotic joints, servomotors, direct drive torque motors as well as into UAVs/drones, electromedical devices, and a variety of motion control systems.
They are designed in several sizes and shapes and offer a wide Xion of customizable specifications and technologies to fit special requirements. Kit encoders are frameless and bearingless and excel in compact size, low profile, minimum weight.
The optical technology allows them to achieve high resolution and fine accuracy for a very precise and safe control over movement, rotation, and positioning.
Contactless operation reduces machine downtimes and maintenance.

Converters and solutions for industrial integration and communication

Converters are often useful for adjusting the features of the encoder to the ones of the plant it must be installed on. Sometimes they are needful for retrofitting operations.
In many cases they allow also to upgrade and even add new functions to the encoder.

    • Varied range of converters, interpolators, amplifiers, splitters, gateways, ...
    • Designed for incremental and absolute encoders
    • Designed for rotary and linear encoders
    • Simple devices with basic functions
    • Advanced devices with complete programmability and additional functions

For more information on the comprehensive range of interfaces and displays of the Posicontrol product family please download Lika's new catalog 

Lika's range of couplings for standard and unique applications

Lika Electronic offers an extensive range of couplings suitable for a variety of automation sectors and in particular for encoders, general-purpose motors, servomotors, stepping motors, and actuators. They are available in several coupling designs (flexible, rigid, disc type, ...) and mechanical features (sizes, bore diameters, materials, treatments, ...) to accommodate different degrees of torque, misalignment, load, precision, and environmental work conditions.
The catalog also includes a rich Xion of couplings for special and unique applications.

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Heavy-Duty and ATEX encoders: rugged to deal with the roughest conditions

Harsh and hazardous environments require tough encoders with reliable and solid design, rugged mechanics, high reliability components, immunity to interferences, appropriate surface treatments and coatings, hermetically sealed housing.
The comprehensive range of heavy-duty and ATEX encoders is designed to cope with several
and different extreme conditions such as: 

  • in oil and gas facilities
    off-shore and marine installations
    on/off-shore wind turbines
    shipbuilding industry
    heavy vehicles and construction machinery
    mining industry
    iron and steel mills
    chemical plants
    food industry
    petrol refineries and laboratories
    painting machines
    fertilizer plants