CH59 gets a makeover

CH59 optical incremental encoder has been updated mechanically and electrically.
It adds Sine-Cosine signals for position and speed feedback and CD commutation signals for rotor control on BLDC motors. New mounting option with collar and fixing plate makes installation further easier.

• Compact incremental encoder for position and speed feedback
• Space-saving construction and several installation types
• AB0 /AB0 digital signals and high resolutions up to 204,800 PPR
• 1,024 Sine-Cosine signals + CD signals to control the position of the rotor
• For electro-medical applications, motor testbeds, feedback on gearless and servo motors

CH59 is ideally suited for electro-medical applications, analysis and laboratory equipment, testing instruments, motor testbeds, and also for gearless motors, servo motors (such as for semiconductor manufacturing machines), robotics and any installation in constricted spaces.

SOIC/SOAC Encoders for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders

SOIC/SOAC encoders are designed for high precision and high resolution (down to less than 50 µm) position sensing in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Available in both incremental and absolute versions, their installation is very simple and non-invasive.

They offer several advantages over the measuring solutions that are commonly adopted on cylinders. They are easy to install on any type of cylinder and do not need customization such as dedicated mechanics or additional space for mounting internal parts. What's more, they do not require any invasive (and expensive) mechanical machining and the rod must not be drilled, so it preserves its whole robustness.
Also, they let you save time and money as the sensor is easily mounted on the outside of the cylinder housing (a great benefit, for example, should a replacement be required).

Learn more: https://www.lika.it/media/1454/d-1/t-file/Newsletter-febbraio-E.pdf

Robust and accurate operation under rough conditions

ASC85 absolute encoder has been revised mechanically and electrically and equipped with redundant sensing electronics to ensure the most robust and accurate operation even under rough conditions and mechanical stresses. Nothing changes for our customers: dimensions and electrical features remain exactly the same as before.

  1. Revised stainless steel enclosure and large 50 mm / 1.9685" thru-bore shaft
  2. Redundant electronics for more precise position reading
  3. Up to 25 bit singleturn resolution and ±0.005° accuracy
  4. ​SSI and BiSS C-mode interfaces

Typical areas of application for this encoder include robotic systems, radars and antennas, motor feedback systems, advanced industrial machinery and a variety of resolution- and accuracy-critical applications.

For technical specifications: https://www.lika.it/eng/products/rotary-encoders/absolute/asc85