AMM80 Kit Encoder with Large Through Hollow Shaft

Lika Electronic offers a full line-up of rotary optical kit encoders for direct integration into motors, robots and advanced automation systems. The range ideally meets the most diverse needs, from small to large shaft drives. Kit encoders excel in compact size, low profile, minimum weight, easy installation. The optical technology allows them to achieve high resolution and fine accuracy for a very precise control over movements, rotations, and positioning. 
AMM80 is a frameless and bearingless optical encoder, i.e. it is not equipped with shaft, bearings, flange, and housing. It is designed to have small footprint, very low profile, minimum weight, high resolution, and fine accuracy. It is ideally suited for direct integration into high performance and space critical applications such as robots, robotic joints, hollow shaft motors (direct drive torque motors, brushless motors, stepper motors), electromedical devices, and a variety of OEM motion control applications. It is also engineered in an extensive choice of mechanical and electrical options and can be customized to meet individual requirements.

This compact, slim, and lightweight encoder has a large through hollow shaft that fits diameters up to 45 mm / 1.77” and common motor sizes. Its operation is non contact and there are no components subject to wear and fatigue. The resolution is 23 bit singleturn (8,388,608 cpr) and 16 bit multiturn (65,536 rev.), the accuracy is ±0.010°. An additional incremental track offers 1,024 Sine/Cosine 1Vpp signals for speed feedback and interpolation needs.

Lika Electronic has long-standing experience in the encoders and position measurement industry and develops customer-specific solutions that meet individual size, shape, resolution, and connection needs.

For technical specifications go to: http://www.lika.it/eng/products/rotary-encoders/bearingless-kit-encoders/amm80

C50 encoder family grows and also becomes absolute!

C50, the most popular and best selling encoder from Lika Electronic, gains a new set of high incremental resolutions (up to 65,536 PPR!) and also becomes available in absolute version (singleturn resolution up to 19 bits x 65,536 revolutions).

C50MI incremental encoder, high resolution up to 65,536 PPR
• TTL/RS-422 Line Driver signals + additional UVW commutation signals
C50MA absolute encoder, up to 19 bit singleturn resolution and 65,536 revolutions
• SSI and BiSS C-mode serial interfaces + additional TTL/RS-422 Line Driver signals

C50MI and C50MA encoders are ideally suited for advanced position and speed control of brushless motors, as well as for many and varied industrial automation applications.

Learn more: https://www.lika.it/media/1431/d-1/t-file/Newsletter-dicembre-E.pdf

Need to automate manual adjustment systems? Do it by wireless!

EPU positioning units are designed to automate positioning mechanisms for changeovers and adjustment operations in auxiliary axes. They do it accurately with minimum time and costs.
They do it by wireless!

• Positioning units for automatic changeovers and adjustment operations
• Easily replace manual handwheels and position indicators
• Simplified control via wireless communication
• A single transceiver controls up to 32 units simultaneously
• No need for communication cables

Typical application sectors of EPU positioning units are changeovers in packaging and bottling lines, filling machines, pharmaceutical equipment, food processing machinery. To meet the stringent requirements of such industries EPUs use NSF H1 food grade grease. They are ideally suited also for the replacement of handwheels and position indicators when retrofitting outdated plants.

AMM31 New-Generation Kit Encoder

AMM31 is the first of a new series of optical kit encoders. It excels because of its large through hollow shaft, simple mounting and a wide selection of incremental and absolute interface options.
AMM31 is frameless and has a very compact, light-weight and bearingless design.
The external diameter is shrunk down in size to 31 mm / 1.22” and the through hollow shaft is enlarged up to 10 mm / 0.394”. Its very wide mounting tolerances allow for the simplest and fastest installation. It does not need any configuration software.

It can be equipped with a broad choice of both incremental and absolute interfaces:
• incremental AB0 /AB0 signals, 65,536 PPR;
• UVW commutation signals, up to 32 pole pairs for BLDC motor control;
• 1Vpp Sine/Cosine signals for speed feedback;
• SSI serial interface;
• BiSS serial interface;
• SPI serial interface.
Absolute versions can be singleturn and multiturn. Singleturn resolution is up to 23 bits, revolutions are 65,536. AMM31 is ideally suited for direct integration into motors, robotic joints, surgical and diagnostic robots, confined-space and weight-sensitive applications.

SFA draw-wire encoders with Ethernet and fieldbus interfaces

SFA-5000 / SFA-10000 is the extensive range of cable-pulling measuring systems with integral absolute encoder. It is offered in a wide choice of Ethernet and fieldbus interfaces:
Profinet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, MODBUS TCP, Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet, 

The working principle of SFA draw-wire encoders relies on the back-and-forth movement of a robust stainless steel measuring wire fixed to the moving axis, controlled by the absolute encoder (the wire is pulled out and rewound). The measuring wire is able to reach measuring lengths up to 5,000 mm (196.85”) and 10,000 mm (393.7”) and can operate at a maximum speed of 2 m/s (78.7 inches per second). The flexibility of the wire enables linear paths to be measured and even curved paths through guiding rollers. They are also ideally suited for a variety of industrial applications. The enclosure is compact and rugged and provides IP65 protection.
SFA draw-wire encoders come in a large variety of Ethernet and fieldbus models and offer the full set of information and configuration parameters: position and velocity readout, full scaling with resolution programmable down to 0.024 mm (24 µm), preset, code sequence, extensive diagnostics, Ethernet and bus network settings.

Wire-actuated encoders can replace standard encoders in many uses. They can be a good solution, when the operational space is constricted or the environmental conditions are severe.
The encoder body in fact can be mounted in a safe place, easily accessible, and adequately protected. While the measuring wire requires minimum space and can be subjected to harsher conditions. Typical applications are mobile equipment and construction machinery (outriggers, stabilizing slides, booms), telescopic cranes, bucket trucks, forklift trucks, automated guided vehicles, agricultural/forestry machinery and equipment, scissor lifts, car lifts, loading platforms, warehouses, electro-medical equipment (computed tomography scans, operation and examination tables, hospital beds and dentist's chairs, etc.).

IECEx & ATEX certified bearingless encoder for large shafts

SMLAX is the bearingless rotary encoder for position and speed feedback on applications with large rotating shaft in potentially explosive atmospheres. The diameter of the ring can be up to 230 mm / 9.055”. It is IECEx and ATEX certified for use in Zone 2, Gas group IIC, Temperature class T4, ATEX category 3 G applications.

• Modular rotary encoder with absolute and incremental information
• segmented ring for simplified installation on large shaft machinery
• IECEx and ATEX certification for use in hazardous areas
• SSI, SSI + Incremental + Reference, Incremental + Reference interfaces
• 14 bit absolute resolution, 1.024 PPR or custom incremental resolution

Typical applications
Typical applications include motors, machines and equipment with large diameter shafts in hazardous industry locations and harsh environments, such as gear motors, servo motors, torque motors, direct drives, gear drives in oil and gas applications, refineries, fertiliser plants and food industry, spindles of lathes and milling machines, rotary indexing tables, direct drive (DDR) rotary tables, wind turbines and solar power plants, generators, robotic arm joints, textile, wood, metal & stone working machinery, packaging lines, mobile equipment, construction vehicles, cranes, and hoists.

AMM36 Kit Encoder for Robotics

AMM36 from Lika Electronic is an optical absolute encoders designed in a kit module for direct integration into robotic systems. 
Modular encoders are compact, flat, and lightweight yet they excel in high resolution and fine accuracy. The range includes AMM36 miniature encoder. It offers a hollow shaft design for direct integration into robotic systems, robotic joints motors, and electromedical equipment.
Modular encoders can fit common motor sizes and shafts and can be shaped to fit virtually any package.

AMM36 is available in both singleturn and multiturn versions with SSI, BiSS, and RS-485 interfaces and additional Sine/Cosine track. The resolution is up to 21 bit singleturn and 40 bit multiturn. 

LD series multi-function displays with touch screen

The range of LD multi-function displays from Lika Electronic offers the greatest level in usability and versatility. The LD range is offered in four models: LD210, LD220, LD350, LD355.

LD210 process indicator for analogue encoders 
It is equipped with two 16-bit analogue inputs and connects current (0-20mA, 4-20mA) and voltage (±10V, 0-10V) analogue encoders. It can show process values from Input 1 or Input 2 and even the results of a variable combination of the inputs (sum, difference, ...). Among the available functions are tare, separate totalization, linearization over 24 interpolation points, choice of the engineering unit, sampling time setting, etc. https://www.lika.it/eng/products/displays/displays/ld210

LD220 process indicator for SSI encoders 
It accepts signals from single- and multiturn encoders with SSI interface, resolution in the range 10 to 32 bits and clock frequency up to 1 MHz. Operation can be as either Master or Slave. The features include scaling, bit blanking, linearization over 24 interpolation points, choice of the engineering unit, sampling time setting, three HTL PNP control inputs (for example for resetting the display value), etc. https://www.lika.it/eng/products/displays/displays/ld220

LD350 / LD355 process indicators for incremental encoders and sensors 
They are designed to interface two HTL/TTL encoders or NPN/PNP/NAMUR sensors and support many operating modes such as position indicator, tachometer and speed indicator, frequency / RPM indicator, process meter, counter, timer, stopwatch, etc. The input frequency can be up to 1 MHz. They also implement the counting direction and linearization functions.

All models offer a number of additional options including auxiliary output for encoder supply, voltage/current analogue outputs, PNP control outputs, relay outputs and RS-232 / Modbus interface. They can be freely combined and allow you to find the exact configuration you need, also in case of replacement of old display models.

Compact, rugged, and precise linear encoders!

Incremental and absolute linear encoders SME, SMS and SMA from Lika Electronic are suitable for position and speed feedback of highly dynamic automation systems and linear motors and combine performance with rugged mechanical design and a wide choice of options.

• Wide range of incremental and absolute sensors to pick from
• Non contact, virtually wear- and maintenance-free operation
• No moving parts, no mechanical stresses
• Very compact and robust packaging
• Highest protection rate (up to IP69K) for heavy-duty environments

For more about Lika Electronic's comprehensive range of incremental linear encoders:

For more about Lika Electronic's comprehensive range of absolute linear encoders:

Variety of shaft copy systems for lift industry

Lika Electronic offers a wide range of SC shaft copy systems for controlling the position of the elevator car. They are complete with mechanical components, pulleys, toothed belt or stretched cord, and a choice of incremental and absolute encoders to pick from (DSP 417 CANLift protocol encoders included).

• Complete line of shaft copy systems to fit individual applications
• Measurement length up to 150 m / max. speed 5 m/s
• With smooth-running toothed belt or stretched cord
• Can be paired with incremental and absolute encoders
• CANopen and DSP 417 CANLift protocol absolute encoders available

Find out more: https://www.lika.it/eng/press-release

More information about our range for the elevator industry available at: https://www.lika.it/eng/support-download/catalogues-4

Switching between two SSI encoders

IF11 allows an SSI Master to switch data transmission between two SSI encoders.
By means of a 24 V CTRL digital commutation signal, SSI telegrams switch from one encoder to the other. An automatic internal synchronisation guarantees a correct information flow at changeover.

• Digital switching between two SSI encoders
• Automatic internal synchronization of signals
• Cascadable for several SSI encoders
• Slim and space-saving housing for DIN rail mounting (according to IEC/EN 60715)

IF11 is designed for contactless (non mechanical), bounce-free switching between two SSI encoders and one SSI Master unit.

Find out more: https://www.lika.it/eng/products/encoder-interfaces/encoder-interfaces/if11

Ø58 Ethernet Encoders add Axial Connector Output

Lika offers a complete choice of Ethernet interfaces, including EtherNet/IP, Profinet, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, and MODBUS TCP. Today the variety of mechanical and electrical options is enriched by the axial connector output configuration.

• Both axial and radial connector output configurations
• EtherNet/IP, Profinet, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, and MODBUS TCP interfaces
• Three series with Ø 58 mm industrial size
• 18-bit singleturn to 30-bit multiturn resolution

Axial connector output available today

Ø 58 mm industrial size Ethernet encoders from Lika Electronic are available in both axial and radial connector output configurations today. The new axial connector output configuration widens further the range of the mechanical and electrical options offered to the booming Ethernet market.

ASB62 and CB62 Encoders for Gearless and Servo Motors

ASB62 and CB62 rotary encoders are designed to increase the efficiency of gearless and servo motors and ensure accurate motion control operations. Tapered solid shaft and expansion flange provide easy and secure installation while absolute and incremental versions meet individual constructor's needs.

• For efficient position and speed feedback on gearless and servo motors
• Space-saving construction with tapered solid shaft and expansion flange
• Easy installation and high-precision direct coupling
• Absolute (ASB62) and incremental (CB62) versions

ASB62 and CB62 rotary encoders are designed to be easily and perfectly integrated into motors and servo drive systems and provide accurate and reliable position and speed feedback.

Datasheet CB62: https://www.lika.it/eng/products/rotary-encoders/incremental/cb62
Datasheet ASB62: https://www.lika.it/eng/products/rotary-encoders/absolute/asb62