New AMM5 Kit Encoder with Batteryless Multiturn Tracking

The AMM5 from Lika Electronic is the large shaft frameless encoder designed for installation on high-dynamics applications that require precise motion control. It is typically intended for integration into industrial robots needing high performance and minimum footprint and especially into robot joints and direct drive torque motors.
Thanks to the integration of the Energy Harvesting Technology, the AMM5 high-resolution kit encoder does not need batteries and mechanical gears for multiturn tracking, so it can be even more compact and precise. 

• Battery-free revolution counter

• No gears no wear no battery concerns

• Outer diameter 55 mm / 2.165”, through hollow shaft 25 mm / 0.984”

• Up to 23 bit singleturn and 16 bit true multiturn absolute positioning

• SSI, BiSS, and SPI interfaces

ASB62 and CB62 Encoders for Feedback on Gearless and Servo Motors

ASB62 absolute rotary encoder and CB62 incremental rotary encoder are designed to ensure accurate motion control operations on gearless and servo motors.
Tapered solid shaft and expansion flange enable easy and precise “plug & play” installation.

• For efficient position and speed feedback on gearless and servo motors

• Space-saving construction with tapered solid shaft and expansion flange

• Easy “plug & play” installation and high-precision direct coupling

• Absolute (ASB62) and incremental (CB62) versions

• Additional tracks for complete feedback

ASB62 and CB62 are ideally suited for gearless motors, servo motors, robotics, elevators and lifts, and automation in general.

LD35x & LD36x multi-function displays with touch screen

LD350 and LD355 multi-function process indicators are designed to interface HTL/TTL incremental encoders as well as NPN/PNP/NAMUR/TRI-STATE sensors.
LD360 and LD365 multi-function process indicators have the same characteristics as LD350 and LD355 and further enable the simultaneous measurement and display of two values (e.g. counting and speed).

• Multi-function process indicators with touch screen and three-color display

• Can be set as position indicators, speed indicators, frequency counters, process meters, timers,
  stopwatches, ...

• Designed to interface HTL/TTL encoders and NPN/PNP/NAMUR/TRI-STATE sensors

• LD360 & LD365: the same as LD350 & LD355, but they can display two values (e.g. counting
  and speed) simultaneously

• Digital inputs and outputs; analogue, serial, and relay outputs

SMA3 bearingless absolute encoder for rotary and linear applications

The new SMA3 bearingless absolute encoder offers the greatest flexibility and can be installed either in rotary applications or in linear applications. It is designed in a compact readhead and can be installed either in rotary applications or in linear applications.
Whether it is coupled with a ring or with a magnetic tape, it offers the greatest flexibility and some competitive advantages.

  • Minimum size readhead

  • Long measuring length up to 20 m / 65.617 ft

  • High counting frequency up to 200 kHz

  • Large mounting tolerances wider than 1 mm / 0.039”

  • BiSS-C and SSI interfaces + additional incremental signals

SMAH2, the flexible encoder solution for very large shafts

SMAH2 bearingless absolute encoder with flexible magnetic tape fits perfectly the largest shafts with diameter up to 2.6 m / 8.53 ft. It is ideally suited for hardly accessible mounting areas and even in case of retrofitting as the installation does not require any disassembly operation.
The joint area in the tape does not affect the reading of the position.

For shafts with diameter up to 2.6 m / 8.53 ft

Easy mounting on installed shafts (wind generators, turbines, rotary tables, ...)

Perfect for retrofitting, no disassembly operation required

The joint area in the tape is read without any loss of counts

Resolution up to 21 bits, SSI and BiSS interfaces

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Draw-Wire Encoder Advantages

Draw-wire encoders are a little-known type of measuring system.
That's why they are seldom considered when it comes to designing a new solution for an industrial application. But there are a number of good reasons why designers should appreciate their functional characteristics and discover that sometimes they can be an excellent answer to measuring needs.

  • Measuring lengths from 2 m (3.28 ft), 5 m (16.4 ft), 10 m (32.8 ft), and up to 50 m (164 ft)
  • Any type of encoder can be integrated: incremental, absolute, fieldbus, Ethernet, analogue (including potentiometer), ATEX, special models for individual applications
  • Resolution down to 0.01 mm / 10 µm
  • Speed up to 2 m per second / 78.7 inches per second

AMM33 modular encoder integrates energy harvesting technology

AMM33 multiturn modular magnetic encoder from Lika Electronic uses Energy Harvesting Technology to produce electricity and power the multiturn counter. The battery and multiturn mechanical gears that equips the standard multiturn counters can be eliminated.

Energy Harvesting Technology uses variations in the magnetic field to generate electricity.
This pulse of electricity is sufficient to power the multiturn tracking circuitry and write the turns count to non-volatile memory. Batteryless multiturn design gives several advantages over the common geared multiturn versions: the elimination of the gears in fact provides more compactness, reduces the issues related to wear and increases the accuracy of the measuring system at the same time. It's the perfect solution for servomotor feedback applications.

Miniature and high IP protected SMAR3 modular encoder

SMAR3 is the new off-axis absolute singleturn modular encoder from Lika.
It offers a fully protected one-piece readhead instead of an open PCB readhead and shares the MRA magnetic ring with the other models of the SMAR series. SMAR3 has an ultra-compact and ultra-flat readhead, it is only a few millimetres in size. Its robust construction with encapsulated electronics and IP67 protection rate enables the measuring system to be installed in harsh industrial environments affected for instance by contaminants, dust, humidity, oil, cooling lubricant emulsion as well as susceptible to vibrations and temperature fluctuations.
Also the ring is very thin and axially magnetized and has an outer diameter of 34 mm with max. 18 mm through bore. Thanks to the minimum size and weight (only a few grams) the SMAR3 is also suitable for integration into space and weight critical applications such as into robotic joints, hollow shaft motors (direct drive torque motors, …), brushless and servo motors, OEM equipment.

IX inclinometers, accurate and reliable

Lika's IX inclinometers with analogue, CANopen and Modbus interface are rugged and accurate and provide reliable measurement of inclination even in critical environments such as construction vehicles, solar trackers, agricultural machinery, mobile cranes, forklifts, bucket trucks.

• IXA: 1-axis (0°÷360°) and 2-axis (±10°, ±30°, ±60°) current and voltage analogue inclinometer
• IXA R: redundant analogue version with duplicated electronics
• IXB / IXC: 1-axis (0°÷360°, ±180°) and 2-axis (±5° to ±60°) programmable CANopen inclinometer
• IXM: 1-axis (0°÷360°, ±180°) and 2-axis (±5° to ±60°) programmable Modbus inclinometer
• High resolution down to 0.001°, high accuracy down to ±0.05°.
• Rugged housing for reliable operation in harsh environments

CH59 gets a makeover

CH59 optical incremental encoder has been updated mechanically and electrically.
It adds Sine-Cosine signals for position and speed feedback and CD commutation signals for rotor control on BLDC motors. New mounting option with collar and fixing plate makes installation further easier.

• Compact incremental encoder for position and speed feedback
• Space-saving construction and several installation types
• AB0 /AB0 digital signals and high resolutions up to 204,800 PPR
• 1,024 Sine-Cosine signals + CD signals to control the position of the rotor
• For electro-medical applications, motor testbeds, feedback on gearless and servo motors

CH59 is ideally suited for electro-medical applications, analysis and laboratory equipment, testing instruments, motor testbeds, and also for gearless motors, servo motors (such as for semiconductor manufacturing machines), robotics and any installation in constricted spaces.

SOIC/SOAC Encoders for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders

SOIC/SOAC encoders are designed for high precision and high resolution (down to less than 50 µm) position sensing in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Available in both incremental and absolute versions, their installation is very simple and non-invasive.

They offer several advantages over the measuring solutions that are commonly adopted on cylinders. They are easy to install on any type of cylinder and do not need customization such as dedicated mechanics or additional space for mounting internal parts. What's more, they do not require any invasive (and expensive) mechanical machining and the rod must not be drilled, so it preserves its whole robustness.
Also, they let you save time and money as the sensor is easily mounted on the outside of the cylinder housing (a great benefit, for example, should a replacement be required).

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Robust and accurate operation under rough conditions

ASC85 absolute encoder has been revised mechanically and electrically and equipped with redundant sensing electronics to ensure the most robust and accurate operation even under rough conditions and mechanical stresses. Nothing changes for our customers: dimensions and electrical features remain exactly the same as before.

  1. Revised stainless steel enclosure and large 50 mm / 1.9685" thru-bore shaft
  2. Redundant electronics for more precise position reading
  3. Up to 25 bit singleturn resolution and ±0.005° accuracy
  4. ​SSI and BiSS C-mode interfaces

Typical areas of application for this encoder include robotic systems, radars and antennas, motor feedback systems, advanced industrial machinery and a variety of resolution- and accuracy-critical applications.

For technical specifications: https://www.lika.it/eng/products/rotary-encoders/absolute/asc85