Our Partners

Lap GmbH

Since 1984, LAP has been active in the field of pointing, positioning and measurement lasers.
Lika is a technical-commercial partner of LAP since 1991 and a reference point for all industrial applications in Italy.

LAP products provided by Lika are:
Laser line/point/ cross for positioning (visual reference)
2D and 3D laser projectors
Laser measurement sensors (triangulation) for critical and special applications

Our typical application areas are:
• Wood, Marble, Fabric
• Composite materials (piece positioning)



NBK is a historic Japanese company active in the sector of mechanical components for motion-control and special & precision small mechanical parts. Lika is a technical-commercial partner of NBK since 1996 and exclusive distributor for Italy. In the world Lika distributes NBK products in combination with its encoders and sensors.

The product range includes:
Flexible couplings for encoders
Flexible and rigid transmission joints
• Special versions on design, for clean rooms, for vacuum applications, electro-medical, etc.
• Special screws of all kinds

Our typical application areas are:
• Industrial machinery, Factory-automation
• Semiconductors, Optics / Photonics, Electromedical
• Servomotors