1. 1982

    Lika Electronic founded in Schio (VI).

  2. 1983

    Lika numbers 8 customers.

  3. 1985

    Lika starts the production of absolute encoders for the German market.

  4. 1986

    Manufacturing of absolute encoders with integrated display and incremental encoders for the Italian market.

  5. 1987

    Lika produces a 50 mm diameter miniature encoder, the smallest absolute encoder in Europe.

  6. 1993

    Lika Electronic is the first company in Italy to offer a complete portfolio of encoders in the 58 mm diam. range.

  7. 1995

    The 100,000th encoder rolled off the production line.

  8. 1996

    ROTACAM ASR58 is the first absolute encoder fitted with integrated cam programmer.

  9. 1997

    Lika is first certified to ISO 9001:1994.

  10. 1998

    First 16-bit resolution single-turn absolute encoder engineered for installation in aerostatic probes developed by Florence University.

  11. 2000

    ROSETTA space probe project gets under way in co-operation with CISAS.

  12. 2002

    Production in antistatic environment (ESD). DRIVECOD & POSICONTROL product ranges are launched in the market.

  13. 2004

    Arianne 5 rocket successfully launched: Rosetta probe fits Lika encoders.

  14. 2007

    30th anniversary: “30 new products for our 30 years” event launched.

  15. 2008

    ALMA project: giant array of 12-m radio telescopes equipped with special custom-made Lika encoders.

  16. 2010

    Lika introduces the innovative range of heavy-duty products dedicated to steel & iron industry and wind mills.

  17. 2012

    30th anniversary of activity: marathon "30 new products for our 30 years".

  18. 2013

    Lika South East Asia founded in Thailand.

  19. 2017

    35th anniversary of the company