Custom-tailored Kit and Modular Encoders for Robotics

Custom-tailored Kit and Modular Encoders for Robotics

Lika Electronic offers a comprehensive range of optical kit encoders and magnetic modular encoders. They are designed to be directly integrated into robotic applications, in particular where high performance and minimum footprint encoders are required such as in robot joints and direct drive torque motors. They are engineered to meet stringent requirements: small size, low profile, minimum weight, high resolution, and fine accuracy. And whats' more, they benefit from Lika Electronic's expertise and technological competence and can be developed and customized to fulfill the needs of specific and unique installations. Their mechanical and electrical features (support type and material, through hollow shaft and ring diameter, PCB shape and size, mounting configuration, resolution, type of interface and electrical connection, diagnostic information, etc.) can be tailored to meet specific customer and market requirements.

AMM is the extensive range of optical absolute encoders designed in a kit module. They provide high resolution and high accuracy and are best-suited for high-dynamics applications that require ultra-precise motion control. They are designed to fit common motor sizes and shafts with diameters ranging between 12 mm and 50 mm (0.472” ÷ 1.968”) and have a depth limited to a few millimeters.
Their size can be shaped to fit virtually any package. They are easy to mount and precalibrated. The range of the operating temperature is -40°C to +100°C (-40°F to 212°F).
AMM kit encoders are available in both singleturn and multiturn versions and provide position feedback via SSI, BiSS, and RS-485 interfaces. The resolution is up to 21 bit singleturn (2,097,152 cpr) and up to 40 bit multiturn. Accuracy is in the range of ±0.010°. An additional incremental track also yields up to 1,024 Sine/Cosine 1Vpp signals per turn for speed feedback and interpolation.
AMM encoder range includes AMM8A, AMM80, AMM5, AMM36 models.

Magnetic modular encoders are the best solution for use in harsh environment applications. They can achieve the highest protection rates (IP67 to IP69K) and withstand dirt, dust, water, and temperature fluctuations. They are insensitive to interferences and contaminants such as light, moisture, humidity, oil, grease, chemical agents and are able to easily cope with shocks and vibrations.
They do not mount moving parts as well as flange, bearings, and shaft. The miniaturized circuits and the limited use of mechanical parts allow the overall footprint to be minimized.
SMLA absolute encoder + MRA/262 segmented ring easily fit around large shafts up to 190 mm (7.48”) in spaces where access for mounting or servicing is difficult. SMLA provides 15 bit resolution over the complete circumference without any loss of information at joints. Output circuits are SSI and BiSS. Encapsulated electronics guarantees IP68 protection.

SMAB is the bearingless absolute encoder with lateral reading MRAB ring. It combines off-axis shaftless design, 6 mm (0.236”) thick flat ring and 80 mm (3.15”) large through hollow shaft. Electronics is fully overmoulded and guarantees up to IP69K protection rate. It provides up to 18 bit resolution and SSI interface.

Among the latest innovations is the new SMAR1. SMAR1 is an off-axis singleturn modular encoder to be paired with an MRA magnetic ring. It is designed in an open PCB (readhead) and an ultra-flat ring with up to 18 mm (0.71”) through bore. The readhead is compact and low profile, the ring is very thin and axially magnetized. The measuring system is shrunk down in size and weight to be easily integrated into space critical applications. The overall thickness of the measuring system is 9 mm (0.354”). The range of the operating temperature is -25°C +100°C (-13°F +212°F); it can be -25°C +110°C (-13°F +230°F) on request. It is offered in both incremental and absolute versions.
Incremental version provides Line Driver level AB0 /AB0 signals with resolution in the range 1 to 65,536 PPR. It also adds UVW /UVW commutation signals for brushless motor feedback in a large number of pole pairs (1 to 16) to fit each BLDC motor. Absolute versions are available in three serial interface types: SSI, BiSS C-mode, and SPI. They offer a resolution ranging between 15 and 19 bits and provide additional AB0 /AB0 incremental signals (TTL/RS-422 Line Driver signal level) for speed control.

Download Lika's Robotics catalog and view our standard and built-to-spec encoders for Robotics at https://www.lika.it/media/1189/d-1/t-file/CAT-ROBOTICA-1911-E.pdf  

For detailed information about optical kit encoders and magnetic modular encoders and to look into how they differ from and what are their advantages over each other and over the conventional shaft encoders please download Lika's white paper “Optical Kit Encoders and Magnetic Modular Encoders. Benefits and Applications”, https://www.lika.it/media/678/d-1/t-file/Optical-kit-encoders-and-modular-magnetic-encoders-benefits-and-applications-white-paper-EN.pdf