Ultra-Compact Modular Encoders for Aerospace Applications

Ultra-Compact Modular Encoders for Aerospace Applications

As from its collaboration in the ESA's historic Rosetta Mission almost two decades ago, over the years Lika Electronic has been involved in several space and aerospace projects around the world.
Today Lika has a broad expertise in the sector and can design and manufacture customized encoder solutions to suit individual requirements in the aerospace industry.
Following the close cooperation with important Italian and European companies Lika has recently enriched its range of optical and magnetic modular encoders with new versions expressly developed and engineered for aerospace systems. They combine the main characteristics of the modular encoders with a series of solutions specific to aerospace applications.

Modular encoders excel in small size, low profile, and minimum weight. The construction is bearingless and usually also frameless, i.e. they are not equipped with shaft, bearings, flange, and housing. Magnetic modular encoders are often equipped with rugged enclosure, so they can reach the highest IP protection rate.
Modular encoders for aerospace applications add specific features. Mechanical and electronic components are scrupulously selected and tested and must meet stringent requirements for quality, strength, and resistance under adverse conditions.

Lika Electronic has long-standing experience in the encoders and position measurement industry and can develop customer-specific solutions that meet individual size, shape, shaft diameter, resolution, interface, connection, and operational environment needs. For more information please contact our Sales team.