Lika LAB

Lika LAB

Since its inception Lika Electronic has successfully developed custom encoders that make it easier for the customers to fit the right encoder into non-standard applications.
Today Lika has the knowledge, the skill, and the expertise to satisfy specific design and engineering criteria while cutting off time-to-market and production time and cost. At the present time 56% of Lika's yearly turnover is generated by standard products while 44% is generated by custom products. More than 300 special and custom products are currently active in production.

To support special projects and custom encoder products to be developed in close cooperation with our customers in a targeted manner, we formed Lika Lab.

Lika Lab is the R&D business unit with a broad range of capabilities in design, prototype fabrication, and testing, focused on individual customer needs and rapidly evolving market requirements.
Lika Lab has a dedicated facility staffed with highly skilled engineers and technicians and equipped with dedicated machinery and equipment. They operate in close cooperation with the main branch Lika Electronic and the customers as well as with public / private agencies, institutes, and universities and, as a relatively small company, they have the flexibility and versatility to produce small volumes of custom encoders. When an acceptable encoder design has been developed and qualified, the design can be readily transitioned into larger-volume manufacturing. These unique capabilities enable Lika Electronic and Lika Lab to develop state-of-the-art custom encoders and help customers to rapidly introduce new products to market.

Lika Lab is the special product division for:
• adaptations on existing standard products;
• additional features and/or specifications;
• OEM / ODM businesses;
• completely new designs for custom applications;
• combinations of products/technologies;
• integration of Lika parts into OEM assemblies.

Among the project carried out over the years in numerous and diverse applications are: encoders for space and aerospace projects (ESA's Rosetta mission, telescopes of ALMA project, ...); kit encoders and modular encoders for industrial and precision robots; COTS and custom encoders for defence and military projects; OEM / ODM encoder solutions for multiple industrial sectors; encoders and inclinometers for biomedical applications as well as for electro-medical and laboratory equipment, Gamma Knife and X-ray machines, robotics, as well as laboratory testing devices; encoders for semiconductor, manufacturing, assembly, and testing equipment; encoders for installation in challenging environments such as stainless steel encoders for food and beverage industries and encoders for ultra-high vacuum; ATEX encoders for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Lika Electronic is currently involved in several space and aerospace ground-breaking projects around the world and working closely with space agencies, and universities to provide both special encoders and COTS encoders that meet the stringent requirements of the sector.

A special product DIVISION for: 
• adaptations on existing standard products
• additional features and/or specification
• OEM businesses
• completely new designs for custom applications
• combinations of products/technologies 
• integrations of Lika parts into OEM assemblies
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