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AM58 K


Profibus and CANopen encoder
Stainless steel housing suitable for food industry
Connection cap with M12 connectors
Position & velocity output

Technical details
Output/Interface Profibus, CANopen
Dimension Ø 58 mm
Shaft Ø max 12 mm
Connections connection cap with M12 connectors
Resolution 8192 cpr x 4096 turns (13 x 12 bit)
Protection IP67
Shaft rotational speed 6000 rpm
Application Packaging, food industry
Options/Particularity Stainless steel housing
Product status Active
Data sheet (file - 150.56Kb) Download
Quick Reference (file - 5.24Mb) Download
Manual (file - 1.12Mb) Download
Software (file - 40.52Kb) Download