HS58 PT/PTA-HS58S PT/PTA-HSC58 PT/PTA-HSC59 PT/PTA (phase out)


This product is still in production, but not recommended for new designs.
It will be replaced by the EXO58-EXM58 series: https://www.lika.it/eng/products/rotary-encoders/absolute/exo58-exm58​
Please contact our customer service (info@lika.it) for more detailed information.

Replacement of EM58/HS58/HM58 Profinet available as EXO58/EXM58 Profinet with special version /S864 (only RT, not IRT mode).

Technical details
Output/Interface Profinet
Dimension Ø 58 mm
Shaft Ø max solid 12 mm, hollow 15 mm
Connections connection cap with M12 connectors
Resolution 262144 cpr (18 bit)
Protection IP65
Shaft rotational speed 6000 rpm
Product status Phase out
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