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New EHO36 miniature absolute encoder with Energy Harvesting Technology

Lika Electronic has developed the new family EH036 of miniature absolute encoders with optical scanning. It offers very high resolutions, spans a variety of mechanical and electrical options, and is equipped with the Energy Harvesting Technology, all within an extremely compact and rugged 36-mm housing.

    • Optical singleturn and multiturn encoder with SSI and BiSS interfaces
    • Compact and rugged design with Ø 36 mm flange
    • Available with 6-mm solid and blind hollow shafts
    • Up to 25 bit singleturn and up to 16 bit multiturn resolution
    • Integrates the Energy Harversting Technology

SMAR4, The Super Miniature Absolute Modular Encoder

The SMAR4 is the new off-axis absolute modular encoder from Lika Electronic.
It combines an open PCB readhead with an MRA magnetic ring in a very compact assembly.
It is engineered and shrunk down in size and weight to be directly integrated into high performance space and weight critical applications according to the latest design trends such as in robotics, robotic joints, hollow shaft motors (direct drive torque motors, …), brushless and servo motors, video surveillance systems, drones/UAVs, gimbals, 3D printers, electro-medical and laboratory devices, OEM equipment.