MIK36 and MSK36 bearingless encoders for rough jobs

MIK36 and MSK36 are shaftless and bearingless encoders capable of reliably and safely withstanding the most aggressive environmental conditions.
They are available in both incremental and absolute versions.

• Heavy-duty rotary encoders designed with separate rotor/stator
• Bearingless, shaftless, robust construction
• Non-contact, wear- & failure-free operation
• IP67 / IP68 protection with sealed electronics
• Perfect for rough applications
• Incremental version, resolution up to 20,000 PPR
• Absolute version, SSI interface, resolution up to 18 bits

MIK36 and MSK36 are encoders exceptionally well suited for the harshest industrial environments and the most severe applications including mining and oil field equipment, steel mills, marble, stone, and glass working machinery, utility vehicles, and construction equipment.

SMA21 absolute linear encoder for long measuring lengths

The SMA21 absolute linear encoder from Lika Electronic ensures fine resolution and high accuracy at fast speed. It is perfect for demanding motion feedback applications that require precise position and velocity control over long measuring lengths up to 32.7 m!

• Compact readhead, IP67 protection
• Long measuring length up to 32.7 m / 107.28 ft
• Resolution down to 1 µm
• BiSS-C, SSI, & Panasonic interfaces + AB Line Driver incremental signals for speed feedback
• With error bit and diagnostic LED

Typical applications are: linear motors, product handling equipment, storage equipment, cutting machines, pick & place lines and robots, electronic assembly systems, printing and measuring machinery, electro-medical instruments, machine tools.